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Integrating Voximplant client SDK with callstats.io

Voximplant’s Web SDK v4 allows you to embed voice and video communication into your web applications. The integration with callstats.io provides quality monitoring to the Voximplant Web SDK.

Integration Steps

Step 1: Include callstats.min.js

Include callstats.min.js in your application. Please refer to our www.callstats.io/api/#step-1-include-callstats-js API page for more information on the dependencies.

Step 2: Set callstats.io params inside init()

  //append the following to the existing code
    AppID:"YOUR_CALLSTATS.IO_ID", //change this to your callstats.io AppID
    AppSecret:"YOUR_CALLSTATS.IO_SECRET" //change this to your callstats.io AppSecret

You can find the AppID on the https://dashboard.callstats.io/apps/ page, and AppSecret under the security tab for that App.

Step 3

Enjoy, you’re done! :)

Support and feedback

In case you need run into problems with the integration, contact support[at]callstats.io. You can also send your comments and feedback to our groups/callstats-dev.